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Our Vision:

MAX ENERGY I4 is committed to bringing renewable energy products to every region of the world. Our emphasis is technological innovation that will help sustain our world’s natural resources. Over time our company seeks to build solid relationships, from individuals to nations, and lead the rest of the world towards the revolutionary concept of “Green Energy.” We recognize that the possibilities for growth are endless and we understand that with the world’s current population growth and the demand for energy over the next 50 years, the international community needs to address serious issues that deal with energy, environmental conditions and quality of life. We are committed to providing solutions.

Mission Statement:

To deliver solutions that create, enhance and sustain our world’s natural resources through technological innovation beginning with renewable energy.

We seek to achieve this through the implementation of the following concepts:

INNOVATION: to provide cutting edge technologies through collaborative efforts to create solutions that address global energy needs.

INTELLIGENT: to provide system response components capable of reacting to ever-changing green energy demands.

INTEGRATION: to provide integrating system components for maximum performance and sustainability on a global scale

INTERACTIVE: to provide design systems capable of  interfacing with a multitude of energy   sources.

 Smart Renewable Clean Energy Solutions 

MAX ENERGY I4 is an innovative company that has developed dynamic, user-friendly energy balancing solutions through its energy storage products that integrate renewable energy with the traditional energy grid.

The MAX ENERGY I4 products integrate with energy sources such as Solar, Wind, Fuel Cell, Generator, Chemical Storage, Nuclear, Coal, Natural Gas, Fossil Fuel, Biomass, and Geothermal technologies.

MAX ENERGY I4 provides an all-in-one solution for energy storage and energy distribution as well as ensuring backup power by utilizing the most innovative Lithium Ion energy Storage Technology available in today’s marketplace.

MAX ENERGY I4 system is scalable, lightweight, and has a small footprint. With proven technology, and the acquisition of intellectual property from a company with more than ten (10) years in the industry which solidified contracts with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, we are uniquely positioned for the 21st century.

The MAX ENERGY I4 technology has a wide range of applications. Our systems can be utilized whether you are running a household, a large company, or an entire city.

The bottom line is that  MAX ENERGY I4 provides the key to your energy conservation success.

The implementation of MAX ENERGY I4 systems allows your company or your city to manage energy wisely and enhances your profit margin by drastically reducing your energy costs.

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